Afraid to Dance

After a slew of reckless choices, a pastor’s daughter finds courage to end an unhealthy engagement—but too late realizes she’s in danger. Her fiancé doesn’t intend to let go.  


Nineteen-year-old Kasia Bernolak isn’t a passionate musician anymore. After two years with her fiancé, the pastor’s daughter is barely able to meet her daddy’s eyes, and the songs in her heart have faded into silence. When she finds the strength to stand up to Blake and break off the engagement, she still doesn’t see the perilous truth.

Blake Hamilton doesn’t intend to let go of her.

When Joel “Zan” Alexander, a college ball player who’s sick of a god that tolerates injustice, steps in and rescues Kasia from her dangerous ex-fiancé, he appoints himself personal body guard. As she walks the grueling path toward healing, her faith sheds light on the God Zan has refused to see. But the journey to healing and redemption might cost more than either of them is willing to pay.

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Author. Fan of Story. Family girl. EO nerd. Transplanted missionary. Indie music connoisseur. Grammar ninja.

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