My Writing

red-door.jpgBehind these doors, there are kingdoms. Sometimes I write about discoveries I’ve made exploring this world. Other times, I pen stories of realms and kingdoms of my own imagination.

Often, I ponder, with fear and trembling, how I can belong to a far Kingdom and live here, feet on the ground.

As far as novels go, I’m in the midst of two vastly different story worlds.

If contemporary romance suits your mood–you know, you’d love to be swept off your feet by a crooked smile, witty banter, dimples, and arms strong enough to hug the sad right out of you–click here.

But you might say, “If I’m to be swept off somewhere, let it be to craggy mountain peaks, to forested hillsides and mysterious forests, to the deep, black waters at the edge of the world.” In that case, you’ll want to check out The Okeanos Trilogy. It’s a mash-up of mythos and fairy tales in the extreme.