The Okeanos Trilogy

 A plot to overthrow Olympus and Never Land could take Earth down with it. Can a deaf shepherd boy named Peter save the worlds? Or will the death of Pan ruin him?


Syrinx is a set of pan-pipes that once walked as a beautiful Naiad. She has the power to lure and enchant. The music of Demeter’s harp can soothe its listeners into contentment—even complacency. It can also bring abundant harvest to the driest, deadest of lands. Small wonder Hades wants them. With these two instruments, he could wreak havoc on Earth and make the Underworld come alive again.

The Waters of the Okeanos, the great earth-encircling river, mingle with the waters of other worlds—Never Land, for instance. The Sky Realm where gods and giants dwell. The Underworld. Tartaros. As the Waters mingle, they traffic information. When drips and droplets of recorded events coalesce—the kidnapping of 130 boys, their imprisonment in Never Land, several brutal murders, a beanstalk that reaches the sky, and the burglary of both Syrinx and Demeter’s Harp—the picture revealed is dangerous enough to destroy all of the worlds at once.

If Hades can find Poseidon’s forgotten daughter and her voice—one in the North Sea, one in the far reaches of Never Land—he will have the power to bend even the gods to his will.

But Peter Höch, a deaf shepherd boy from Hameln may be just the one the Waters need to save the worlds.

Research teaser…what I’m reading these days.


And thanks to CW2 Harking for the water droplet image of amazingness.