You’re Entering the Frasier, Right?

Ladies and Gents of the writing persuasion, it’s time for the Frasier.

And I. Love. The Frasier.

Why? you ask.

I’ve entered a number of contests in the last two years—some for conferences I’ve attended, some contests well-known, some not so much. Call it a taste test. I’d just begun writing seriously, and I wanted to sample the contest circuit to see what they offered, to find out what people thought of my writing, and to get my name out there a bit.

I wasn’t a tough sale for the Frasier. Everything Susie May and the My Book Therapy team put together is first class. Their chats and peptalks are theme focused and full of witand wisdom. I’ve never struggled to find the resource I need on their site, and the friends I’ve made are matchless. (Actually, when I met the staff and other members at the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writer’s Conference, it felt like a reunion.)

So I knew with the Frasier—win or lose—any feedback I received would sharpen me. And honestly? That’s all I was after.

If nothing had happened but my digging in and putting the effort into preparing for the contest, it would have been worthwhile. Hey, I wrote the synopsis. That’s a big deal.

Dollar for dollar, the entry fee was some of the best money I spent last year. The judges offered detailed feedback. Seriously detailed. They rated my work on plot, characterization, story-world, hook, theme, voice. All the crucial aspects of the first few pages. More than that, though, they noted phrases and details that stood out, asked genuine and insightful questions, encouraged me in this “worthy project,” and offered a handful of polishing tips.

And this was pure gold: they even commented on my synopsis. No other contest judges did that all year. After the Frasier, I was equipped to move forward.

Being awarded a Frasier Bronze Medal was a bonus. A nice one, for sure.

This year, I’ll be entering the Frasier again.

I’m telling you: My Book Therapy is a writing community of the highest caliber. So, find your Voice.

Then, if you’re an unpublished novelist, the 2013 My Book Therapy Frasier Contest is accepting entries through Saturday, March 31, at 11:59 p.m. The “official” winner gets a scholarship to a MBT coaching retreat (a $500 value), but everyone who enters benefits.

And this year, the final round judges are award-winning author Susan May Warren, literary agent Steve Laube, and a TBD fiction acquisitions editor. For more information, FAQs, and to enter, visit

How about you? How do you feel about writing contests? Have you tried the Frasier? What are you waiting for?



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